Abortion Clinics in Michigan

 Looking for Abortion Clinics in Michigan?

Since your decision will affect you and a potential future life in a long-term way, do you think it might be wise to understand all the options available to you?

It's a big choice, and you're the one with the final say.

What if your best path doesn't lead toward a clinic like you first thoughtBefore you settle on an abortion clinic, consider opening your eyes to other possibilities. 

Watch the video to the right, which is dedicated to mothers like you and parents of expectant woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.

You are not alone. There are others that care- People who have dedicated their life to build a bridge for women just like you.

Visit the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange

Yes, there are clinics in Michigan, but there are other resources too, and many parents who have been patiently waiting, eager to love a child.

Michigan abortion options

Abortion agencies are not the only kind of reproductive health services.

You'll find there are caring people to give you a hand and turn what can appear difficult into a beautiful thing.

Know someone near the Saint Louis area that needs to know their options? Invite them to see the resources and video that provides an alternative to abortion clinics in St Louis.

"Every matter has two sides. It is wise to look at both before making a commitment to either."


No matter where you live in Michigan, this must-watch video below is for you, and shows another door open to pregnant women who aren't sure they're ready for a child.


Watch the video above.

If one is willing to look, love can find a place for an unborn child.  It can provide life-long peace of mind for mothers too.

One thing shared by many who have undergone an abortion procedure is the regret they feel about a life that could have been.

eep your options open and watch the story of one mother and her crisis pregnancy.

Another good video is found at Abortion St Louis.

Perhaps no one can see onto the future and know what is best for you, but there is one one thing you can do now, and at no other time. . .

simply to know that you consider what is available other than how to terminate a pregnancy.

Thank you for visiting this website- Abortion Clinics in Michigan.

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